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“Nano-Tooling: Manipulating, Shaping and Functionalizing the Matter” is one of the five scientific pillars of the mission at the Institute of Applied Science ans Intelligent Systems (ISASI). The unique competences and technological facilities residing at CNR-ISASI afford substantial and interdisciplinary research skills on several up-to-date topics in biomedical technologies, aerospace, energy, material science. The available advanced facilities and the related technologies permit to process the matter at micro and nanoscale and can support design and realization of devices for any kind of application.

The scope of NANOTOOLING School is to provide a two-days full-immersion training on 6 advanced technologies:

  1. Holographic Lithography
  2. E-Beam Lithography
  3. Magnetic Nanosensing
  4. Advanced Inkjet Printing & Additive Manufacturing at Nanoscale
  5. Functional Nanoparticles for Nanomedicine
  6. Femtosecond Laser Structuring and Patterning

The NANOTOOLING School is addressed mainly to MSc students, PhD students and post-doc , but also researchers from any branch of science who wish to increase their knowledge and awareness about micro and nanotechnologies are very welcome. The objectives of NANOTOOLING School are

  • Bringing to the attendees the concepts and the basic working principles of the above-mentioned Nano-Tools
  • Addressing complete understanding of how the Nano-Tools have been exploited for achieving recent significant results in groundbreaking research as well as in applied sciences by the investigators working at CNR-ISASI
  • Give the chance to follow guided visits at CNR-ISASI facilities with the local experts

The school is directed by ISASI-CNR Team Leaders that are responsible for the facilities and for the related research topics.

Lectures by worldwide prominent scientists will be given in streaming on each one of the above Nano-Tools.